I'm Kelsey!

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Hey, hey! Welcome to the party! I’m Kelsey, creator of the blog, Kelclight and I’m seriously so happy to have you here. I started my blog in 2017 as a creative outlet while working full time for a digital marketing agency. Using social media to connect with others has always been a huge passion of mine, so I am extremely thankful to be able to do it day in and day out with the absolute best community! 
Fashion has always been a way for me to feel empowered in my own skin. I’ve struggled with loving my body my entire life and the one thing that helped me build my confidence was finding an outfit that looked, fit and felt amazing! My mission is to help women find beauty in the skin they’re in no matter their shape or size. My corner of the internet is all about mid-sized fashion, beauty, body love, and sharing my everyday life!
My goal is to empower women through body confidence and a good closet. I show my body unedited to bring normalcy to bodies of all sizes! I believe that our bodies are the least interesting thing about us and I encourage my girls to always put self-love first. I truly love helping y’all with fashion finds, home decor, and body love. Thank you so much for being here and being part of the Kelclight fam. It means the absolute world to me! 


5’3, Size 8-10 or 29, Medium/large

Bust - 35”
Waist 31”
Stomach 37”
Hips 43”
Thigh 27”

I shoot with a mix of iPhone and DSLR! I love using the 1x portrait feature on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. For DSLR, I have a NikonD750 and I either use a Sigma 24mm lens or Nikon 18-35mm

Yes! But I like to mix it up as far as where I sell them. You can find my gently used clothing listed on my Poshmark username, kelclight or on my @shopkelclight page on Instagram.

Go for it! If you hold off until your content is perfect, you’ll always be waiting. Trust me, been there. I started my first website on WIX and then eventually moved to Wordpress.org. WIX is a great tool for beginners! I also started an Instagram and Pinterest to share my content there too. I started posting things I love and more people started to join my community! It takes time, hard work, patience, strategy and determination but it’s so worth it. My #1 tip… be as consistent as possible! If you plan on making your blog a business one day, treat it like one! Plan out content, strategize with other creators that are similar to you and work hard. You got this girl!