Trust me, I know finding jeans you love can be a huge struggle, especially if you have curves. The majority of my time shopping growing up consisted of me crying in a dressing room because none of the 20+ jeans I tried on fit. After hearing great things about American Eagle’s new ‘curvy’ line, I decided to try them and was amazed at how well they fit! You know that annoying back gap that us curvy girls get above the booty in most jeans? Yeah well this line fixes that completely. I can’t recommend these jeans enough if my story sounds similar to yours.

Sizing: I am typically a size 8 in most jeans, even sometimes a 10 if they have no stretch because I need the room to accommodate my thighs. In AE Curvy jeans I am a 4 or 6, however I did try on a size 8 and those fit as well. I recommend sizing based off of your waist and how you want your jeans to fit. I measured the area on my waist where high-waisted jeans fit and I am measuring 30″. In the curvy skinny jeans, I wear a 6 and I love the fit, however I do like my jeans on the tighter side. In the curvy mom style I wear a 4, I feel like the mom style runs a little bigger. I hope this info helps when shopping for yourself!