Hey guys! Long story short, I found out that I have celiac (gluten free) about 6 weeks ago. I took 30 days to cleanse my gut and only eat lean proteins and veggies. Side note: I never felt better! 30 days later I’m done with my cleanse and ready to hop on the gluten free […]

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Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Hi friends – I’m back at ya with another super easy recipe that also tastes DELICIOUS! Not gonna lie, it’s pretty hard writing this right now without craving these things. Let me introduce you to OREO BALLS! Yup and guess what? There’s less than 4 ingredients, meaning their also affordable to make. There are so […]

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Super Easy Holiday Oreo Balls

Okay, so I know we’ve all been there. Whether you have a holiday party to attend and you completely forgot that you have to bring something or your budget is tight until payday. Whatever the issue – I got you with this super simple, affordable and yummy pumpkin dip that only calls for 3 ingredients!! […]

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Quick + Easy Fall Dip Recipe